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How to Prevent Heart Disease, Stoke and Circulation Problems With Pulsating Energy

August 23rd, 2021

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease is a common type of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Heart disease is the #1 cause of death of men and women in the United States.
Heart disease is a term used to describe different types of problems with the heart or its blood vessels. The most common form of heart disease is coronary heart disease (CHD), which involves hardening and narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis). It is caused by the buildup of fatty material (called plaque) on the inside walls of the arteries.

Healthcare providers look for coronary heart disease risk by checking several factors, including blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, family history, and lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol use, fatty diet, lack of exercise, being overweight and stress!

What is a Heart Attack?

A heart attack, also known as myocardial infarction, occurs when blood flow through the arteries of the heart becomes blocked due to coronary heart disease.

Prevention and early treatment:

Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy (PERTH) is stimulating the entire meridian system. In case of heart disease prevention or treatment the heart meridian is stimulated with human like frequencies and a magnetic field strength like the heart is normally producing. The immediate effect is harmonizing the heart beat and better blood trophic. The blood flow to the heart muscle increases immediately! Every session with PERTH lasts about 4-6 hours. Healthy people using PERTH preventive treatment 2-3 times a week. People who already suffer heart disease should use PERTH treatment every day. In addition:

Main effect of optimized magnetic fields:

- Support of blood circulation in arteries, capillaries and veins – Increase in partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) – Improvement of metabolism – Increase protein production – Stimulation of defense cells (T lymphocyte and macrophage) – Stimulation and harmonization of glad functions (e.g. lymph system)

Coronary Heart Disease – Research

N.N. Bogdanov et al.: ‘Optimization of the Effects of Physical and Health Resort Factors in Ischemic Heart Diseases and Arterial Hypertension,’ Ter-Arkh 1986, p. 108-111., Presents and discusses the results of Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields in prevention and rehabilitation in 280 patients with coronary heart disease. A very good result when Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy is combined with drugs**

** Today we can say conventional drugs are far less effective as expected and they have a high risk of side effects.

Circulation Disorders – Research A.P. Dovganiuk, A.A. Minenkov: “The Use of Physical Factors in Treating Chronic Arterial Insufficiency of the Lower Limbs,” Vorp Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult (5), 1996, pp. 7-9. – The study investigates the effects of Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields on 450 patients and shows positive results in almost 87%. N. Haimovici: “Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields in Clinic and Research,” Herder Clinic, Bremen, Therapiewoche [Therapy week], 31, 1981 pp. 7317-7330. – Of the 2081 patients treated with low-frequency pulsating magnetic fields in this clinic and as outpatients, 253 cases involved arterial and venous circulation disorders. These tests yielded positive results.

Pulsating Electromagnetic Resonance Fields (PERTH) stimulate this “bio-energy field” through biological resonance with physiological electromagnetic impulses between 0 to 30.000 Hertz and amplitudes within the physiological biological windows. Communication within and without our organism is a continual information & energy exchange via oscillating electromagnetic fields. Most likely, the entire electromagnetic effects on the organism have their origin in the extra-cellular ground substance or matrix, stimulating other systems to tune into its oscillations. All rhythmical processes and therapies (light, movement, sound etc.) produce electromagnetic oscillations, stimulating and regulating the “bio- energy field” influencing ground substance and basic regulation, directly affecting the endocrine and the nervous systems.

PERTH is applicable in primary prevention, therapy of disease, and maintenance of health through activating self-regulatory and self-healing processes on INFORMATION & ENERGY level. PERTH frees the “bio- energy field” from interference and so to speak harmonizes our organism by providing it with normal biological rhythms. This in turn will be reflected in a more balanced picture in the Meridian Diagnosis.

While Meridian Diagnosis reveals disharmonies in the electromagnetic melodies of an individual’s life and biography, Pulsating Electromagnetic Resonance Fields restore soundness in the electromagnetic music by bringing the organism back to resonate with Biological Rhythms.

Why do we need PERTH? Our lifestyle is an enormous pressure to our body due to:

- Lack of exercise – Increasing environmental pollution – Processed food, preservatives, all forms of drugs – Stress, mental and physical overload, lack of sleep – Emotional stress and problems – Lack of energy – Are your energy reserves depleted?

Energy deficiency leads to disease!

All degenerative disease and premature aging is caused by energy deficiency in the human biological system. Many symptoms simply disappear if the energy level of the effected person is increased. It is more effective to treat the cause (energy deficiency) and not the symptoms (disease).

At the age of 20, our energy potential is at it highest. The energy of our body reduces considerably between the age 35 and 45. At the age of 60, human energy can be as low as 60% and at the age of 75 as low as 50%. The risk of disease increases. The body lacks energy to fight infections or recover from accidents.

Stimulate your body’s energy levels!

How does the PERTH system work?

Latest technology combined with scientific Know-how made the development of the PERTH therapy systems possible. With the help of a computerized unit and a mat, pillow or head applicator, PERTH creates the energy field, which stimulates the body to produce extra energy. At the push of a button, one of the 6 (+8) available programs can be started, which last between 10 and 60 minutes. This Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy (PERTH) provides a multitude of benefits for your health.

Bioresonance treatment can assist in:

- Increasing the natural regenerative power of your body – Disease prevention – Improving the ability of your body to combat chronic and degenerative disease, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatism – Improved recovery and injuries – Reduced effects of aging – Regulation of blood pressure – Reduction of stress levels – Sleep and relaxation – Treatment of pain and headaches – Menstrual problems – Strengthening the immune system

Many times I receive emails with questions about specific disease condition. Can it help here, can it help there. I will reverse this question now and say : “Is there any way it can’t help”?

To understand what we trying to do we must first understand the importance of the Meridian System in our body. (Download)

All 12 main meridians are connected to inner organs, e.g. stomach, heart, spleen-pancreas, liver, small and large intestine, lung, bladder, kidney, pericardium, triple warmer and gallbladder. When we are able to stimulate all of these meridians effectively with hume like frequencies and a very low field strength (body own) the flow of life energy (Chi, Prana) is increasing. The energy in 6 meridians is going up and in the other 6 meridians going down (Yin / Yang) or male and female energy. The optimal relation would be 50% to 50% up/down, this means a person is completely balanced. Balancing in fact is most necessary for any healing procedure. Let’s say an unbalanced body receives perfect nutrition and vitamins. The ability to use these healing properties is far less effective than in a perfectly balanced system.

The conclusion lies clear on hand and is very simple to understand, we need to balance the system first and metabolism will do the rest. Can it have a reduced effect on aging? Yes most definitely, when we combine Energy+Oxygen+better Metabolism and good nutrition, vitamin rich and minerals the aging causes are drastically reduced. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known over 5.000 years a disturbance in the meridian system is the major cause of all diseases, besides other factors, we face today: Stress, junk food, processed food, electric pollution, TV, microwave and so on.

Heart diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s disease, asthma, burn out syndrome, stress related diseases, multiple sclerosis, rheumatic disease etc. are the end result of meridian disturbances. Is the energy flow in the meridians without blockage and interruption the pathological symptom will disappear. A better way of course is preventing that a disturbance will occur.

Under today’s overloaded environment the PREVENTION should be our main concern. Preventing is better than cure! That’s were we find the greatest advantage of PERTH.

- PERTH therapy as prevention gives relief from stress

- It brings health, strength and vitality

- It will avoid any of the major diseases in the first place

- With PERTH and natural nutrition heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, burnout, sleeping disorder, asthma, allergies, etc. are virtually impossible.

When we consider increasing cost for health care, trips to a doctor, the time involved, long waiting hours, bad weather situation and the fact that what we can expect (a symptom oriented drug treatment with side effects) is not necessarily what we want, a small investment in our own health and for the entire family will pay for itself.

What if you or your child would get a cough attack at night?

Can you imagine all the trouble?

Let’s say you have your “PERTH-home doctor” handy in the comfort of your home – you would turn it on, laying on the mat applicator and the attack is over in about 10 minutes. Would it give you peace of mind and more quality of life? Research: M.R. Scarfi et al.: Exposure to 100 Hz Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Increases Micronucleus Frequency and Cell Proliferation in Human Lymphocytes, Bioelectrochem. – Bioenerg. 43/1 (77-81) 1997. – The experimental research on which this article is based shows the increased lymphocyte activity in fighting off infections and also proves at the same time that there is no genetic damage.

Remember “Energy deficiency leads to disease!” More energy, more health and vitality. Burnout syndrom for exapmle is a comon disease under the influence of stress and success pressure. A daily “relaxation”, balancing and harmonization of all meridians with PERTH will definitely re-establish life quality – a clear head, better focus, better sleep. This is what pappens immediately. When the sleep is good the head is free we can work more concentrated and effective. Let me ask you this:

What is your intention for 2009/10? Being more fit, relaxed, vital and productive or would you rather wait until something happens to you, your wife/husband or children?

I honestly belief it is much more important today to pay more attention to holistic health and prevention than ever before.

But Why?

Our environment has changed. The planetary constellation (Earth) comes to an ending point in 2012. Doomsday? Well, Kind of…

Five great cycles of 5.200 years will close the time bubble of a 26.000 year cycle. This entire cycle is an era or paradigm and it will end December 21st 20012. A new, higher level will begin.

The Long Count Calendar of the Ancient Mayans ends on Dec 21 2012. There isn’t much information regarding what the Mayans thought would occur in 2012, but the consensus of opinion is that there will be great change. To some people this means a positive, spiritual change. Other consider that a catastrophic event may have been predicted. Read more about the Mayan Calendar. Galactic Research Institute (see resource box)

I don’t think the world will end in a catastrophic event, it is just the ending point of the old and the starting point of a new 26.000 year paradigm. How about change? CHANGE is happening already, most visible during the last 26 year cycle of this period (starting in 1986). Implosions on the material level (mega corps, banking crash, health system, insurance companies, real estate, financial crises) and a shift (lift-up) on the spiritual or eternal level.

How can I be so sure about that?

More light is coming in – this means our planet is increasing the frequency level. And it is dramatic. This explains one fact: People with a low frequency (e.g. depressed, sad, confused, aggressive) die very fast and unexpected today – if through disease, accident or any other cause it doesn’t mater. So the greatest intention we should have to increase the frequency level permanently. As higher the vibration is the better is our health and well-being, vitality and strength. For example laughing, happiness sends out positive vibs and increases the frequency level. For example “A holistic cancer clinic in Switzerland uses this understanding during the cancer therapy on patients”. Every patient has to go in a video room for at least one hour a day. There, only funny movies are shown – so the patients forget cancer and laugh as much they can. The result the survival and cure rate increased dramatically up to over 80% !! That’s right over 80%.

What does it tell us?

When we find a solution to increase our frequency (vibration) level and harmonize / balance the system the more likely any dis-ease will disappear. After many years of research in the filed of energy medicine I could not find any better equipment with so many positive and often miraculous results in the same price range. (there are other systems for professional use starting in the $ 20,000 price range) To mention the fact that PERTH is a home treatment system and very easy to use. Miss-use or wrong handling nearly impossible.